Mindfulness in a Glass

Have you ever arrived at your destination and realized you don't remember the drive? Or have you ever surprised yourself by finishing a whole bowl of popcorn without realizing it? Our brain can process only a handful of information at once, so we often don't experience the details that surround us unless we purposefully pay attention to them. The same goes for beer. Without tasting beer mindfully, you don't fully experience beer. In other words, drinking 10,000 pints won't result in mastery of beer tasting unless you engage in deliberate practice with intention and purpose. Here are 3 ways to engage in mindful beer tasting:

  1. Intentional space: The less external distractions, the more internal focus. For mindful beer tasting to be effective, I like finding a space free of visual stimulations, noises, or strong odors.

  2. Purposeful glassware: Even though it's called beer tasting, I like to begin with evaluating beer appearance. For this reason, I always use clear vessels. I like using white wine glasses that accentuate the aroma.

  3. Deliberate practice: I like using the Beer Scoresheet from Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) when I engage in mindful beer tasting. It provides a solid framework to fully experience beer from appearance to aftertaste.

I hope these evidence-based tips help you to elevate your beer experience!


Asa B.

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