Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Happy New Year! Have you set your new year's resolution yet? From becoming a beer sommelier to getting a job in the beer industry, achieving a goal starts with setting goals and staying motivated.

Achieving specific goals like "passing a Cicerone® exam" requires motivation, and motivation is based on how much we value the goal and how much we believe in ourselves. This is because our actions are not targeted without a clear goal we value, and our efforts are not optimal without believing in how small actions today could move us closer to achieving out goals.

Making a SMART goal helps us achieve it:

  • Specific – Define your goal including what, where, who, where, which, and how.

  • Measurable – Develop ways to evaluate whether you meet your goal.

  • Attainable – Set a realistic goal and its subgoals.

  • Relevant – Identify why you wish to achieve your goal.

  • Timed – Schedule specific actions towards achieving your goal.

By the way, let's keep our beer goals to ourselves. Research shows that we're less likely to achieve our goals when we publicize them. We feel rewarded with dopamine release simply by publicizing our goals, especially when others cheer for us and support our goals. If we share our goals to someone we perceive as having a higher status than us; however, we may elevate the likelihood of achieving our goals.

I have a couple of beer goals this year, and I look forward to applying this tool myself!




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