Selected Curriculum vitae


  • PhD in Experimental Psychology & Political Science

  • Advanced Cicerone®

Professional Appointments

  • Affiliate Faculty, the Resilience Institute of the University of New Mexico

  • Affiliate Faculty, Geography & Environmental Studies Department of the University of New Mexico


Scholarly Research 

  • Impacts of climate change on Lambic

  • Social and cultural role of beer 

Invited Lectures & Seminars

  • Southern Rocky Mountain Region Hop Growers Workshop (Albuquerque, USA)

  • MBAA Ontario (Kingston, Canada)

  • Carnevale Bretannomyces  (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

  • University of Chile (Santiago, Chile)

  • MBAA New England (Portland, USA)

  • University of New Mexico (Albuquerque, USA)

  • Pink Boots Society ( Albuquerque, USA)


  • Marketing strategies

  • Beer pairing events

  • Recipe development & troubleshooting

  • Spontaneous fermentation programs

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